Best Doctors For Spine Regenerative Therapy in CT

Conservative or Surgical Treatment For Spine Pain & Injury?

Back pain is the number one reason patients go to doctors and is the main cause of loss of productivity in the workplace.  Back and neck pain are so common that everyone can be expected to have at least one episode during their life.  The good news is that the majority of back and neck pain is not serious and can be successfully treated with therapy, stretching, postural adjustment, and time.

But for more serious spine pain that does not respond to conservative treatment recommendations by even some of the best spine doctors in CT may be for steroid injections, spinal nerve denervations, spinal discectomies, and spinal fusion.  While these are commonly accepted procedures and widely performed, contrary to popular belief, there is little evidence for their long-term effectiveness compared with time and continued conservative treatment. Moreover, all of these treatments are destructive to the basic and essential unit of the human spine: the functional spinal unit (FSU).  The Functional Spinal Unit is composed of two bony vertebrae and the large cartilage disc that separates them. Steroids weaken the ligaments that hold the FSU together and kills the cells that keep the disc and the cartilage of the spinal healthy. Denervations destroy the small muscles of the spine that stabilize the FSU while surgical discectomy accelerates the degeneration of spinal discs,  Spinal fusion destroys the FSU completely.

spine doctor in CT recommends non-surgical treatment for spine pain
best spine doctors for regenerative therapy

Why Our Spine Doctors in CT Recommend Regenerative Therapy

The alternative to these destructive treatments is Spine Regenerative Therapy. The very best spine doctors in CT know that a better way to treat the spine is through focused injections of the body’s repair cells into a damaged functional spinal unit. Spine Regenerative Therapy targets every part of the functional spinal unit delivering growth factors and repair hormones. As opposed to removing bone and discs, or destroying nerves and muscles, Spine Regenerative Therapy preserves the integrity of the spine, enhances spinal stabilization and stops the degeneration of its parts. Data from the Regenexx Registry of patients confirms that precise injections into all the parts of the FSU including the joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles provides better results than targeting any single one of these parts alone.

The ability to offer this state-of-the-art spinal treatment makes Interventional Orthopedics CT a leader in CT spine and sports medicine.

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