Facet Joint Regenerative Therapy

About Facet Joint Regenerative Therapy

Facet Joint Regenerative Therapy uses the non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and in certain instances, alpha 2-macroglobulin (A2M) to slow down and stop the “wear and tear” effects of constant motion on facet joints that result in pain, stiffness, bone spurs, and general loss of flexibility and mobility. Facet Joint Regenerative Therapy addresses the root cause of Facet Joint Syndrome which is osteoarthritic degeneration of the joint cartilage. Like any joint in your body, these small joints of the spine are susceptible to the damaging effects of age and time. Regenerative therapy introduces growth factors that support and encourage the remaining chondrocytes in the joint cartilage to multiply and increase production of joint tissues. This restores a healthy environment within the joints that addresses the underlying cause of the symptoms of pain and stiffness.

Regenerative injections for Facet Joint Syndrome involve very little discomfort and are generally performed with only local anesthetic. The same day procedure has minimal risks and requires no recovery period. Patients may experience noticeable results within only a few weeks. Actual repair of the tissue requires two or three months following the initial platelet rich plasma injections.


Not all patients will be appropriate candidates for Facet Joint Regenerative Therapy. For those who are good candidates, Facet Joint Regenerative Therapy can provide significant benefits that reduce pain, improve overall functioning and quality of life.

If you, a family member or friend suffers from Facet Joint Syndrome or problems, please Schedule an Appointment with Regenerative Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialist Daniel Southern, M.D. in Danbury or Wilton in Fairfield County Connecticut by calling 203-456-5717.

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