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About Regenexx CT

Interventional Orthopedics CT, also known as Regenexx CT, is an affiliate of the Regenexx network.
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Regenexx is a nation-wide network of physicians specially trained in treating joint pain and arthritis with precise injections of repair tissues obtained from the patients themselves. Regenexx doctors were the first in the USA to use a patient’s own stem cells to treat joint pain.

Regenexx was founded in 2005 by Dr Chris Centeno and Dr John Schultz in Colorado. At that time, they published case reports of a series of patients with advanced knee and hip arthritis treated with their own stem cells with dramatic results. Since that time, using proprietary treatment protocols developed and perfected through ongoing lab research, Regenexx has expanded into a nationwide network of affiliates and is the acknowledged leader in the field of regenerative orthopedic medicine.

Why Choose Regenexx For Stem Cell Treatment in CT?

Regenexx procedures are simple injections accurately directed into damaged tissues using advanced imaging techniques. Because they do not involve surgery, there are several benefits to choosing Regenexx, including:

  • Little downtime or recovery following the procedures.
  • Patients avoid the significantly greater risks associated with surgery.
  • They are as safe as any in-office injection. 
  • The Regenexx success rate in various joints of the body is published at and is updated regularly.
  • Regenexx reviews and patient testimonials along with Regenexx locations can also be found on the website. 

The cost of Regenexx stem cell treatment in CT is highly variable and depends on the size and number of joints and the amount of damage that has to be treated. If you are interested in learning more about Regenexx, call our office or request an appointment online.

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